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Support for Hospices

  • by The East Hertfordshire Lodge
  • 10 Dec, 2009

£650,000 Donation for Hospices Across England and Wales

Continuing an annual programme of support, the Freemasons’ Grand Charity is donating £500,000 to hospices across England and Wales - in total 225 services will receive a grant. In addition to this grant, £150,000 was awarded to Lifelites, to provide educational and recreation technology for children in hospices.

The money is an important contribution towards the millions of pounds needed each and every year to ensure these respected services can continue providing free physical, emotional, social and spiritual care to patients and their families.

Freemasons have been dedicated in their support for hospices across England and Wales for the past 25 years, and this year takes the total donations to the sector to more than £8 million; complementing the generosity Provincial and individual Masonic Lodges regularly show for their local services.

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